movebubble and the Proptech sector...

by davidcoe... 21. August 2013 09:37

Here's a post from our lovely new client movebubble - it's about the innovations taking place within the Proptech sector - and I'm pleased to say we're right there at the bleeding edge!

Their new website will be going live later in the year - so watch this space if you're a landlord or tenant...

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Been on Holiday in France - so not many posts in July...

by davidcoe... 8. August 2013 16:50

 Zachary smiling at his grandad - that's me!


He's also very interested in my running magazine :)

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How much does it cost to implement

by davidcoe... 26. July 2013 16:07



We get a lot of enquiries about the cost of configuring or implementing

The answer isn't - how long is a piece of string? The answer is - it depends...

I'm going to do a slideshare ppt covering this subject - if you need any information before then contact Paul Vernon.

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Happy Google Birthday...

by davidcoe... 12. June 2013 12:54

Moused over the google homepage image today - interested to see whose birthday it is/was... Turns out it's mine! (...which I did know - BTW)

How cool is that? They are my favourite search engine - now where's the link through to my horoscope...

This is a great example of personalisation - yes - some people don't like giving out this level of personal details - but when something like this happens you tend to forget about the identity thieves who hide under your bed (...they do! - it's official - the Daily Mail says so)

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Why is oe:gen?

oe:gen [owe-ee-jen]- helps people we love look f**king amazing...